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В целях изучения реального разговорного английского сделал транскрипцию видеоролика где девочка-подросток говорит чае. Ролик выбрал специально чтобы английский в нем звучал быстро и "молодежно".

Транскрипцию честно содрал из автоматических субтитров Ютуба и немного подкорректировал там где на мой взгляд Ютуб плохо распознал.
Кто хорошо понимает английский, можете исправить неправильно услышанные слова? Наиболее непонятные моменты я выделил жирным шрифтом.


Hi YouTube!
I am trying out a new flavor of tea and I thought I'd share it with you. This is one of our favorite shops called «Teaoli» and I'm trying their tea on the beach. It's a flavor they don't care anymore. I actually bought it around Christmas and waited until summer to open it up because it's fruity and it even says summer flavor. So I love «Teaoli» it's actually much cheaper than «Teavana» in the mall. And I'm pretty sure Teaolis are like a line, a shopping line, brand whatever, and it's just much cheaper and the flavors are really good and unusual and I love it.

So I'm going to become trying this one. So this has sour cherries that you can see, lemongrass which there's a lot of and green tea, kind of sprinkled in there, and it says that has pineapple I've not seen it yet. Oh wait there's a tiny chunk, okay so tiny piece pineapple, lemon grass and cherries. So this sounds it can be pretty good. So I'm gonna try this in my actually from «Teavana» my cup, the three-part cup and there is the lid, yeah. Well that was before I knew about «Teaoli» love them much more.

Alright, my water has been of boil about 2-4 minutes so it's probably ready. I'm going to pour this in and look at the camera. Not a good idea... Hydrate those cherries, I'm hoping this is actually pretty red but it's looking kind of green tea. Oh my gosh it smells amazing! Mmm we'll just let that on and put it for their three or four minutes. While that is steeping I'll show you some of the ones I've got so we've seen tea on the beach.

Next one is strawberry cream, not actually creamy but has that sweet flavor. It's really good tropical rain forest that's black tea. Tropical rain forest is green and it's pretty good it's just a, it's not my favorite that's why the back is fuller. There's lemon souffle which I fucking love. It's a rooibos which I usually don’t love but I mean lemons are the best so anything eliminate usually loving it. Creamy finish, do not agree. Pomegranate Bliss is heaven and it's our beautiful maroon color and we use up the t-point I'm pretty sure. Cool Mint neither one of those off season one so I bought during Christmas. I believe so nice I icy sheet and it is delicious.

Now this one actually says it's an herbal tea because I bleep it doesn't actually have tea and it like black tea or anything, but most of these are herbal because of the fruit and flowers and they are delicious. Alright the timer went off so let's check this bad bad. Oh it's not red! Oh I had three cherries! There's a secret cherry it looks beautiful, it smells really fruity. Surprise, surprise. Oh it is
a little bit red. Well will this cup you do get a little bit of the leftovers so let it sit a minute for slip it.

All right, hold on enough to try it and it is delicious. Ah, the cherry definitely comes through and then the lemongrass and pineapple kind of comes afterwards, especially the pineapple. So that's a
nice surprise that pop a flavor right there at the end, though I do want to try it sweet so I'm going to try some organic honey with it. This is Andrew’s Orange Blossom honey actually got from a vendor here in Oklahoma. M-I-O (made in Oklahoma), and it has really good. Oklahoma honey is the best, I swear! So I want to give this a try.

Alright, honey was the way to go, this tastes so good with honey. I really pumps up the lemongrass flavor and all the fruits came that more sweet and tangy and I cannot wait to try this chilled. I might make a whole picture of it and just chill it in the fridge so that is what I thought of my tea on the beach I've seen myself drinking this all summer long. I just hope maybe it's back in stock since this was a clearance item who knows but oh well.
Alright everybody thank you for watching, bye-bye!

wow you are so loud
you too

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Моя версия
So I'm going to become trying this one
So I'm going to be kinda trying this one
Если слышите что-то нечеткое, что начинается на "к", скорее всего это "kinda", "kind of"
So I'm gonna try this in my actually
So I'm gonna try this in my... actually from «Teavana»... my cup
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the three-part cup and there is the lid
lid - крышка. Девочка как раз показывает её на видео
my water has been of boil about 2-4 minutes
Мне слышится, не знаю для чего тут of
my water has been of boiled about 2-4 minutes
I'll show you some of the ones I've got
I'll show you some other ones I've got